Huddersfield Lawn Tennis & Squash Club

Junior Tennis

Whether you’re on the Club or Performance Pathway, our goal at Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is to ensure that juniors learn a game for life and are still playing when they reach adulthood.

We teach players to value life skills first and tennis skills second, it’s through these life skills that we are able to teach tennis extremely well. For example, respect – respect for yourself, your squad-mates, your parents and your club.

The Club and Performance Pathways are interchangeable and a player will play on the session that is the best fit for them, regardless of age. All the sessions follow the club’s unique programme and are coached to a high level of detail and enjoyment. The Club and Performance Pathways have slightly different criteria for the sessions:

Club Pathway

  • These sessions focus on learning tennis and improving your game and technical skills.
  • There is a strong focus on competitions as we believe if someone is playing once a week it is important to learn the skills that will allow them to compete with their friends and enjoy it.
  • The sessions follow a bespoke syllabus and are taught to a high level of detail.
  • These sessions perfect for children playing once a week.

Performance Pathway

  • These sessions are invitational as they require a player to be of a certain level
  • There is a strong focus on strength and conditioning.
  • Players are expected to train at least twice a week and play regular tournaments, team competitions or matchplays.
  • Players are expected to take their training seriously. This might mean they have to complete homework assignments, practice their individual teaching points between sessions and learn the game away from the court. Players are held to a higher degree of ownership on this pathway.
  • Invitations are reviewed week by week.


For more information about the pathways or to book onto a class please call 01484 422541 or email . If you are local please just pop in and you will be accommodated.