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Padel Tennis

Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club pioneered the introduction of Padel Tennis in the UK in 2011 with the launch of the Ellesse Padel Academy. The sport has grown very rapidly right across Europe since then, with over 30 courts established in the UK in 2015, and many more being planned.

Padel is a cross between squash and tennis and is taking the world by storm. It is completely free to try out at the club and a highly social game, so grab some pals and come and give it a try.

To find out more you can watch these short videos and read more about the sport below:

The BBC introduces Padel Tennis

ITV introduces Padel Tennis


What is Padel Tennis?

  • A mixture of tennis, squash, and racketball, played indoors or outdoors in doubles format
  • The court is two thirds the size of a tennis court and enclosed with wire mesh
  • The glass walls at either ends are used to play off (like squash) which means you can have long rallies
  • Scoring is the same as in tennis but with underarm serving – easy!


What are the benefits?

  • Easy to play for all ages and abilities as the ball strike is made close to the hand and body
  • Rewarding at any level, it has a rapid learning curve which has low emphasis on technical skill and power
  • Smaller enclosed court means play is continuous, so you are never ‘ball collecting’
  • Played as doubles it is very sociable and between four is inexpensive
  • Great aerobic work out
  • Padel is addictive and great fun – every time


Padel Tennis Court Prices

  • £24 an hour non members.
  • £8 an hour members (summer promotion).
  • £5.00 guest fee applies to non members and social members of the club whilst playing with racket sport club members.


For more information, to book onto a session please call 01484 422541 or email . If you are local please just pop in and you will be accommodated.

If you would like to book a court you can use the online booking system.


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  • A governing body has been founded and you can keep in touch with all that’s happening in the UK at British Padel and on Facebook.